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Isaac W. Underwood
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Welcome to JundWEBS.com

Hi!  I am Rocket - an Avatar (Jund) for John Underwood Welcome to JundWEBS.com

Building web sites is fun - especially when you have friends in this business who are supportive and willing to share their knowledge, strengths, and even their weaknesses. Special thanks to Bill, Graham, Jeff, Iann; and the formidable crew "down in the pits;" Trevor, Aaron, Darryl, David, Jay, Kent, Matt, Paul, Sean, and Brandon - 24 x 7 at LFC Hosting - who make my client's success their most important job - and they have almost as much fun as I. LFC... You rock!

The most influential person regarding "electronic communication" is my favorite and dearly loved "Uncle Bruce." A powerful mentor that I remember from the age of 3; "Uncle Bruce" is the reason (and I blame him - smile) for my passion in the fun-filled, wonderful, and crazy world of the mysteries of nature and science. Bruce is a young 84 (12-26-26) and remains as vibrant and special as I knew him then (1943). Thank you "Uncle Bruce." Because of you, LIFE is GOOD!

Another person who is tirelessly and compassionately supportive - considering my endless chatter - Bob Buttafuso - owner and entrepreneur - Centreville Electronics. He too has fun doin' this stuff. Thank you Bob.

You cannot stop reading at this point - because there is one more person who influenced my life - and provided me a career in this adventurous arena... John A. Massie; "Johnny" to his friends and family - offered me a job at IBM. This job turned into a fulfilling career. And I cannot fail to mention, "Johnny" provided me the path to ham radio and I received my "call letters" - K4EBS - in 1955. Thank you "Johnny" - W4YWF. "Johnny" is living proof that you do not "grow old" in this great hobby of ham radio. Johnny is a young 88. Thank you, "Johnny."

Last, but really first - Ron Dionne - ZRAMP, Inc. - initiated me into the world of making web sites, by supporting me (regardless of my egocentric attitude of greatness) in producing my first web site... jmunet. He is deeply dedicated to client success and seems to put me first and himself last in all situations. Thanks be to Ron.

Links from this home page include a variety of things - the salt and pepper - the spices of the web if you will. Some are fun, a few are informative, and some are just plain good places to visit and help you with your web site building, a few of my own creation... Join me please in this great adventure - the world wide web - or is it the world wild web?

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